Sustainable Wooden House Designs with Simple Constructions

imaginatively wood house designs

Looking out these imaginatively wood house designs that were almost the whole side of this home was covered with wood material. Seeing every single side of this wood house we will see the smart combination between glass and wood material that show a humble and friendly style of this residence. Since the main material of this residence was come from nature, so that the designer try to show the main material of nature such as wood, stone, and plants system that look beautify this residence.
The simple stripe line exterior of this house was another wood design that gives extraordinary landscaping since this stripe line system was different with previous design of wood material. Probably several people thought that use both modern and contemporary material thing was look impossible, but we have to believe that the result of modern and old combination will show the new design or new invention in building construction and application. Another application that will inspire us was these unique wooden wall decals that come from nice combination between wood and concrete material. There was the plants system also that look balance both concrete and wood material. Through these entire pictures we will see the sustainable wooden house constructions.[via]

simple stripe line exterior

sustainable wooden house constructions

unique wooden wall decals

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