Sustainable Shoal Bay House Design by Parsonson Architect

sustainable wooden house design

Located in New Zealand, this sustainable wooden house design by Parsonson was design to complete the needs of house living for those who love to stay longer in the middle of farming area. Using both glass and wooden material as the main construction, this house was completed with two different building. One building as the place for a simple living room decoration and contemporary dining room interior design that integrated with the wooden kitchen designs; and other building was for the bed room and bathroom space. From the whole outdoor layout we will see the open plan concept from this house from the uses of glass material, but the contemporary idea was come from the using of wooden material. Special for the open plan theme, this house was build a comfortable bed site plans that places close to the glass wall. The simple decoration from this house was design in humanism approaches. Interested to come, your first step will welcome with the modern glass sliding door decor from this house.

simple living room decoration

wooden kitchen designs

comfortable bed site plans

contemporary dining room interior design

modern glass sliding door decor

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    Very informative post and I kind of agree with you (except on three points) on what you said. Keep the good work going. Your writing style is very good and I was able to understand the post clearly even though English is my second language. PS: I have already subscribed to your blog’s RSS feed.

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