Sustainable Minimalist Wooden Stone Home Designs with Clean Exterior Plans

green and clean home exterior

This green and clean home exterior was the first space from this building that will welcome us and let us to see and enjoy almost the whole side space of this building. The main purpose of this first space was uses as the inviting space for the guest of this home. It was a mansion that was usually used as the space for retreat or has a private party. Have a great time was become the main attention for the user of this place. Moreover, this building was not only have a great green exterior plans but also the minimalist wooden interior plans that were balance the green landscaping of this building.
Almost every single side and space of this place give more than just a feeling of comfortable but also the combination of a humble structural system of both building and surrounded space is give the down to earth contribution for the humanity. Feel comfortable and calm will be the main point of this place. The simple and practical landscape from the wooden material will make this building look so sustainable and applicable for those people who are living in suburban space or those people who want to apply the nature look living space. That was become a great thing for our life and now is a time to see the real landscaping of sustainable stone home design

sustainable stone home designs

minimalist wooden interior plans

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