Sustainable Black Cottage Designs with Urban Projects

simple black cottage designs

The modern urban lodge inspirations of this project were show the incredible and outstanding view of a resort or a lodge with amazing view. Directly, this page shows the great combination between glass material and the metal construction for the building. The great landscaping that we can see from this residence was the super comfortable thought of the designer. Even the designer use the smart combination between metal and glass integration but the comfortable side still can be seen here. The inside space of this lodge can be seen clearly through the glass material and the simple view of the building construction was covered with the black exterior of the metal material. The equivalence character both metal and glass in these sustainable cottage constructions projects were give another inspiring lodge construction imagination for us. Looking minimalist and functional was become the main construction of this lodge and we were freely to show and cheat the ideas of the place though these inspiring simple black cottage designs.[via]

sustainable cottage constructions projects

modern urban lodge inspirations

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