Stylish Pilotto House Design in Pongau, Austria

unique pilotto house pictures

Designed by LP Architektur, this unique pilotto house pictures is located in Austria. The modern side of this house was deigned to be combine with the simple arrangement of the furniture. The whole layout of this house can be seen clearly since this house was applying glass as the additional material that supports this house to stand up. Come in to this modern house we will welcome with a contemporary living room design that complete with a black sectional sofa set. Other decoration from this space was the wooden material that covers both floor and wall decoration. Going to the next space, we will see the decorative dining room decor ideas that still perfected with natural decorative wooden furniture to fill in. those simple decoration will be look gorgeous since the whole arrangements already thought by the architect. See the outdoor side of this house and we will see the clean outdoor swimming pool plan that still using wooden as the edge decoration of this space. If we want to come into this house, we will welcome by a stylish wall glass sliding door.

decorative dining room decor ideas

contemporary living room design

clean outdoor swimming pool plan

stylish wall glass sliding door

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