Stylish Fashionable Slit Chair Furniture Design with Magazine Storage Idea from Dripta

fashionable chair design

Funny and extraordinary! That was the first impression from this modern colorful seating furniture. Don’t ever say that minimalist plans were close with black and white color application before you check this out the latest furniture design from Dripta. The whole design from this furniture was design in modern inspiration but add with unusual line shape. The unique design from this unique seating furniture décor will remind us with “h” word shape. Trough that inspiration, the designer was made this furniture to be both functional and still keep the main function of this furniture itself. As we can see, this furniture was completed with the free space in the front of the seating system and in the back side of this furniture. Those additional decorations give us space to store our magazine or newspapers. So, this functional chair storage idea plans will ease us to save our paper stuff here. Since design in colorful design and shape in modern look, special for young generation or young soul, this fashionable chair design will help you to realize your dream.

modern colorful seating furniture

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    I’ll buy this one

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