Stretch Bag-Creative Bag Design from Recycling Advertising Billboards

unique stretch bag ideas

Special for woman, these unique stretch bag ideas will make you look more feminine and have unique personality. The entire style of this accessories bring different look for your personality since the transparent style of this bag will shows what you bring. Using advertising billboards as the main material, this bag was design with give decorative stretch surrounding a Compaq side in the middle of the hole. After that, voila! A creative eco friendly shoulder bag design now was on your hand. This review will shows two different color products, but actually we can get more than that since usually the advertising billboard has various color combination. So, trough that material we will get both fashionable and creative recycling bag design. Those decorative designs not only can be a place of our stuff but also can be an accidental vase to place our flower decoration, but special for this purpose it will be better if we use the brown recycle bag product by Artecnica.

creative recycling bag design

brown recycle bag product

eco friendly shoulder bag design

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