Spotlight Planting Lighting Fixtures Designs

functional pendant lamps decor

Presented for those who love in green living, this integrated planter and lamps furniture will give two beneficial things for you. The combination of that furniture will give different appearance of a furniture decoration. We can both getting a bright lighting and get a fresh environment since this pot was integrated in pot furniture. Catch up this spotlight planting lamps ideas that can be use as an artificial sun for the plant. So, trough this planter, we will not be worry to kill our plant since the light of the lamp will help or plant to get growth. Other beneficial side was the three lamps that surround this planter can are elastic so that we can change the neck shape of the lamp so that we can use as reading lamp. The designer, Caroline Schilling made these functional pendant lamps decor as both furniture and decoration that will beautify our house. Available in white color system, this planter decoration will make our space more outstanding and awesome. Well, if you were interesting to get this decorative furniture, you can try to come to this site to catch several pictures from these planting lighting fixtures designs.

planting lighting fixtures designs

integrated planter and lamps furniture

spotlight planting lamps ideas

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