Spin Modern Glass Door Designs for Open Plan House Interior Idea by Rimadesio

2010 glass door designs idea

This 2010 glass door designs idea by Rimadesio was presented for those who want to give their house space with both modern and additional space look. Trough this home accessory the designer was wants to give new atmosphere and look from their house space. Check out one of this design, the contemporary house door plans from this series was tried to bring new decorative space for our home. The sliding door design in this series was covered with wooden material. As safety stuff, the metal work was tried to cover the glass material. Other door decoration was the transparent glass sliding door designs that clearly use bright and clear glass material. This side was tried to give extra dimension for our home space. The bright atmosphere can be getting from the clear side of the glass, and then the extra dimension can be getting from the reflector side of the glass. Adds with the safety handle door designs, this accessory will make us calm since our kids will be save and the key stuff was can’t be reach by our kids. If we want to get more dimensions, we can try to apply with the mirror material so that the space will be double and look larger than before. Special for those who have small living area and want to have large look, this modern glass door décor will help you to realize that dream.

2010 glass door designs idea

contemporary house door plans

modern glass door decor

safety handle door designs

transparent glass sliding door designs

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