Spacious Portable Kitchen Design from Wood

space saving kitchen system design

The plan of this space saving kitchen system design was come from the difficulty activity when we want to make such as garden BBQ or just a sweet garden party. The designer was diligently integrating the whole need of kitchen appliance in one kitchen table with portable and spacious character. Through this picture we will see the compact idea of this kitchen appliance table integration with spacious and still functional included with nice style. The wooden material of this compact kitchen was indicating simple and contemporary style of this product. Supporting with the spacious sample kitchen faucet, this portable kitchen was accommodate our washing activity too. We can wash not only the dish or other cooking utensil but also the fruits and vegetable of our food. Even use wood as the main material but here we still can clean up this stuff efficiently. We just need a water to clean up the entire side of this portable kitchen. This site was show off the complete idea of these wooden portable kitchen ideas.[via]

spacious sample kitchen faucet

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