Space Saving Interior Decorating Idea Photos for Small Apartment Design Inspiration from Innerspec

small apartment decorating photos

These small apartment decorating photos was catch up from innerspec. The front layout from this apartment was cover with yellow color application, but inside space of this apartment was completely cover with white color decoration. Furthermore, the white decoration was not only cover the wall system but also several furniture from this apartment was using that color system. Start from the combination of living space and small bed room decor idea we can obviously see the decorative apartment decorating idea that built with maximize use of both space and furniture idea. We can see those combinations from the bedding furniture and office space was just separated with the free space in the bottom of bedding furniture. Other decorative space was the contemporary small apartment kitchen that completed with white kitchen tile for kitchen backsplash idea. The designer was maximize this space trough us cabinet decoration for whole furniture, included for dishwasher also. Special for white small bathroom design, this space was built for whole need of simple taking bath. Here, white tile still dominance the interior décor. The most attractive space from this apartment was the private balcony construction plans.

small bed room decor idea

decorative apartment decorating idea

contemporary small apartment kitchen

white small bathroom design

private balcony construction plans

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