Snog Covent Garden


Cinimod Studio has designed the fourth London location for Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt: a surreal orchard of seating and twisting trees reaching up to an undulating canopy of light.

Located at 5 Garrick Street, the site was one the location of an apple store dating back to the 1860’s. This provided the inspiration for the contemporary design, in which a modern day orchard of trees reach up towards a sky canopy of perpetually animated light, gently pulsing and swaying in the imagined breeze of an idyllic day.

Below this canopy lies the grass lawn, with a white fallen tree branch providing the main seating. Around this branch can be found Shitake Mushroom stools by Marcel Wanders, and the marble topped tables familiar from the previous Snog store.

The feature ceiling is comprised of thousands of individually controllable LED globes, descending from the glowing ceiling on stainless steel rods set to specific lengths. These lights and their control systems are bespoke products developed by Cinimod Studio for the application.

Psychedelic visuals graces the white glass wall, adding further to the surrealist atmosphere of a unique store that is already being described as “Alice in Wonderland”.


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