Simple Contemporary House Design with Classy Inspirations

classy contemporary house inspirations

The classy contemporary house inspirations in this house design series was try to find out a new option of a home design included with the complement system and the entire element that build up this building. The main elements that build up this home were come from the friendly material such as wood. Aware or not, wooden material already help the owner of this home to show up the concept of contemporary from this home. Looking out these open air terrace space ideas and we will see how close this home with the concept of nature-close and eco-friendly. Located in urban space, this home was a two storey home with minimalist style. These simple home staircase applications show up the theme of minimalist. Deeper into inside space of this home, we were be able to see the private space which is use to get a fresh spirit of the day. The translucent bathroom furnishing layouts become the best space for both relax and enjoy the new day. Finished by the endless bathroom, this home was started by the functional bookcase door plans.[via]

functional bookcase door plans

simple home staircase applications

open air terrace space ideas

translucent bathroom furnishing layouts

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