Show Off your Masterpiece with Unique & Creative Flooring

Unusual flooring1

From carpeted floors to carpeted walls, let the creativity flow, and quite literally. A studio of modern art is what this home resembles.

Your home is your masterpiece; your walls, floors and your rooms are your canvas. You have the liberty to design it with your unique and brilliant creativity. Whatever suits your style, your preferences and your personality is welcome and you can get as creative as you want to.

Do you want to do something unique and unusual with your home? Afraid it might raise too many eyebrows. Well, these homeowners (whose homes we’re going to showcase today) confidently took that risk and got creative with their floors. The end result? They ended up with beautiful homes which will fill you with amazement and envy.

So, if you want to take the plunge too, here are some unusual flooring ideas which will leave you inspired.

Give your home that rustic cabin like feel with this modern and uniquely creative floor carpet. With these logs of wood staring right back at you, that earthy, natural feel will accompany you all around the house.

Unusual flooring2

And if you don’t want to invest a hefty sum to creatively decorate the floors in your home, you can opt to do it yourself with salvaged wood, paper and cardboard. Throw on some paint and lay this textured carpet over your floors. All you’re left with is brilliance at a low cost.

Unusual flooring3

Want that “floating on water feeling” at home? Imagine you’re at your favorite island destination, enjoying a relaxing holiday while you’re at home sitting over the most creatively designed, laminated glass floors.

Unusual flooring4

Like solving jigsaw puzzles? You can now sit over one and boast about completing the biggest jigsaw puzzle at home with unique flooring tiles like this.

Unusual flooring5

Grass for floors? If every home could have this natural element of green, everybody’s minds would be at ease.

Unusual flooring6

And we’ve saved the best for last! While red walls are popular and red exterior paint too is kicking in, nobody really thought of red floors and when you set eyes on this home, you’re only left wondering why. Inspired by contemporary interior art, this beautiful home bursts into vibrant, elegant energy with a red floor. Truly a masterpiece!

Unusual flooring7

Finally, it all comes down to your personal sense of creativity and what you’d like to walk on at home. Got a unique flooring idea? Don’t forget to share it with us!

Unusual flooring8

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