Scarlett Cafe & Restaurant


STUDIOUNODESIGN projected the interior of a 100 square meter bar and restaurant that spread serenity and a touch of elegance in Vinci, Italy.

The idea is based on the contrast between the minimal esthetic of the essential shapes of the furnitures and the foaming flowery shapes that mirror and transform on the floors.

The bar is the turning point of the site. Flowery carved figures on the wooden marks, back-illuminated dark glasses, with programmed LED light, create a cosy warm sensation to the center placed bar. The squared shaped bar allows the public to approach the internal hall through two huge openings.

Getting in the internal hall, we have an amplified sensation of warmth, relax and serenity, due to the wall paintings that play with the chairs fabric. The two crystal blades gives a sense of fragmentation that unites with the origami lamps, recalling the whole sense of the Scarlett Cafe.

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