Ridge Apartment Complex


Japanese studios SNARK and OUVI designed a 2-stories wooden apartment built in Takasaki city, Gunma.

Gunma is the car society and, a car ownership rate per person of Gunma is the highest in Japan. The transportation by car expands a sphere of life, and this is special locality of Gunma.

Usually, a context of creating architectures is quoted from a neighborhood and small area where we can go on foot. However, I quote a context from a wider range in this case and, design it by a macro scale of the scenery.

Plan of every dwelling unit is almost same but section is not same at all. I design the section of every dwelling unit carefully from the every situation – position of the room, line of sight from a peripheral road, and roof shape. As a result, shape of windows and undulation of ceilings is each different. Those things and difference in floor level control line of sight and light. A shadow provides density of light and shade for the place.

Every ridge such as ream of slant roof, undulation of ceiling show the new form of the apartment in this area that is able to link the sense of the resident to “wide neighborhood” that is a local characteristic of Gunma.

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