Recommended Conceptual Black and White Apartment Designs

conceptual black and white living room

It was the conceptual black and white living room that will welcome us when we were come in into this modular and moderate apartment style. That black and white application was not only for the living room space, but also until the end space of this apartment. As the real sample layouts of these black and white living space ideas, here we go: the unique black and white bedroom and minimal white bathroom space that apply the private space of the owner. Trough the landscape view of this dark and light apartment we were is able to see how the limited edition this living space was and the exclusivity style of the owner.
Almost the space and side of this apartment was covered with both black and white and the simple furnishing application for every single space and side, but as the balance color control the designer of this place was add the blue color tone for the lighting fixtures so that the contrast look of this apartment will be clearly looking out. The thing that we have to do if we are applying the white color is we have to be diligent to clean up the white space and be careful with the dust or the spot. As the complete sample of this apartment, this spectacular light and dark interior was another great inspiration of this recommended black and white apartment.[via]

recommended black and white apartment

spectacular light and dark interior

unique black and white bedroom

minimal white bathroom space

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