RE Residence


Design Systems Ltd. designed a traditional Chinese residence located in Tai Tam, Hong Kong.

Here is the project description:

Re-think, Re-configure, Re-design, Re-cover…

To discover and conceptualize RE in a familiar and everyday thing.

Besides functions, traditional Chinese residences are likely to embrace philosophical wisdoms and attitude to live. The theme of this design is to reapply these concepts, in a modern manner, to some domestic furniture and appliances, such as wardrobe, fish tank, etc.

“Simplicity should not be made inferior to extravaganza. Rather, it should be that in such world of simplicity, where unspoken sensibility and sensitivity are its pride, by expanding such value system one can enrich life with as little resources as possible”.

“Details that arouse the consciousness to living” is the concept of this project. It shows that one small indication can often evoke great awareness. We don’t only live for rationality, or base on materials; we also live because we want to enjoy a life enriching our soul, and we aim to seek a better relationship between the human, nature and environment through a pure and simple design language”.

The custom-designed aluminum extruded louvre panels are used as ceilings and wall coverings at the garage. It is treated as a subtle wall pattern made up by shadows as sunlight casts on. Moreover, it can be also used as functional ceiling panels at the dinning room to conceal air-conditioning outlets and inlets, keeping the ceilings clean and simple. The layout is intentionally designed to be simple and direct in order to generate a calm and neutral background, whilst the furniture fittings are selected as artworks scattered in the house, which reflects the owner’s taste and life style.








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