Practical Vintage Knitted Lamp for Classy Lighting Fixtures

classy knitted pendant lamp design

The classy knitted pendant lamp design in this lighting fixtures series was looking so simple and practical. The humble look of this knitted system also makes the surrounded place of this lamp being have unique shade. The color application of the knitted furnishing will make the innovative shade if we can combine with the right lamp application. Using this lamp as the pendant lamp was recommended since the attractive look of this lamp will be clear. Using comfy wool, the designer was tried to show the creative style of practical knitted lamp applications mix with our ideas and imagination. The imaginative appearance of this lamp will complete our dining room or our rustic kitchen place looking village style and humanism. The size of this lamp also based on our need and pleasure. We can choose the right and appropriate size for our space through use the application of this knitted lamp. Need a classy and practical lighting fixtures furnishing? Try out these vintage lighting fixtures inspirations.[via]

practical knitted lamp applications

vintage lighting fixtures inspirations

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