Practical Suburban Home Design in Simple Layouts

open plan garage home ideas

Welcoming by open plan garage home ideas, when we were enter this home we will see the practical design of a humanism home include with the efficient application. Actually, the concept of simple and practical was come from the placement of this home and the character of the owner. Located in suburban space, the owner of this home completely want to show the semi-modern look of the home include with the local wisdom or surrounded space. The main construction of this home starts from the material uses and the design of this home itself. Welcoming by the garage, we will see the smart integration between living room and dining room with rustic look dining room designs that use the wooden material as the dining room furniture with small thin dining chair applications. The wall decals of this home were support the concept of farming inspiration being complete and good-looking. As a good start of simple living space design layouts, we were allowed to see these practical suburban home inspirations.[via]

rustic look dining room designs

simple living space design layouts

practical suburban home inspirations

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