Practical Roof Garden Design for Modern Home Decorating Ideas

spacious roof garden inspirations

These spacious roof garden inspirations were try to accommodate the need of garden space especially for those who live in the middle of city town or for those who didn’t have enough space to have one. Those who have small space for living can try to see these images below and see how a great garden space can be getting through do simple thing. We start to make the main concept of our roof garden. T would be contemporary look with wooden planter or wooden bench or just a simple modern pot with integrated concrete bench. The simple modular garden decor also complete with the green layout of both plants and tree. We will see the usual grass that can be adapt with surrounding atmosphere of our living space. Furthermore, though use pots and planters we were already ease our self to taking care of those plants. We were already help the fresh air circulate our home and through those practical roof garden pictures we were already know the simple idea of having garden without much space. This site was providing with pictures sample and the main point of this inspiring roof garden design. Happy trying![via]

simple modular garden decor

practical roof garden pictures

inspiring roof garden design

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