PostPanic Office


Maurice Mentjens Design projected the new office for PostPanic, a design / animation studio and a productioncompany.

When PostPanic decided to move to a new building in Amsterdam, they wanted an interior that not only would be pleasant and workable, but also inspiring, and a reflection of the studio’s creative and headstrong mind.

In the briefing, functionality was the biggest priority. To ensure a constant quality, PostPanic purposely chooses to produce, direct, design and animate in-house to stay truth to their original vision, once in production.

This approach requires that the various departments of the office each have their clearly divided and defined areas. But at the same time they required to maintain as much as possible the openness and transparency that the place offered.

The design also had to take into account that the workforce fluctuates from 14 to 40, depending on the different stages of production.


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