Pitch Stool Unique Wooden Stool from Wood Recycle Material by Nicolai Czumaj-Bront

contemporary stool designs

This functional furniture décor by Nicolai Czumaj-Bront was designed for two purposes. This furniture can be use as usual stool or chair furniture, but if we want to have new look we can use this furniture as table furniture also. The appearance of this furniture was look step by step and gathering in one line. We can see clearly that this stuff was design in soft line of natural material. This wooden furniture designs idea was made from wasting wood surrounded. The natural appearance still can be seen since the real pattern from wood was clearly looking up. Furthermore, this furniture was design in various sizes so that we can choose based on our needs. There are in low, mediate, and high design. Those designs from these unique pitch stool plans will try to support our natural space look more decorative and attractive. If we want to make by ourselves we can try to collecting wasting wood and shaped them based on our needs and gathers them with wood glue. Make sure that the glue was the best glue so that they will not separate. These contemporary stool designs will complete your natural home concept; and you can get further inspiration trough these wooden recycle furniture pictures.

functional furniture decor

unique pitch stool plans

wooden furniture designs idea

wooden recycle furniture pictures

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