Pio Pio Restaurant


Since transparency is common and expected in the New York City gastronomic experience, Sebastian Mariscal Studio wanted to lead and transport people to a different place, a Latin American place.

The L-shaped plan provides an opportunity to divide the space into a progression of smaller experiences until it opens up into the main dining space. Spatially, each alcove channels your experience to the rich materials, and only as you move through it, does it unfold the the flavors of Latin America.

The simplicity and humble selection of materials narrates the vernacular architecture in Latin America; concrete, wood and stone. The mixture of contrasting materials sets the tone to a pleasant experience as it amalgamates with the food.

Abrupt turns within the space are softened by the consistent use of horizontal wood planks that direct you though the space, not only acting as skin but also as a directional wayfinding method. The undertone of the space allows the food, people and conversation to be the focus – a cultural staple of Latin American culture.


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