Pink Fashionable Café Foam Decoration and Interior Design in Stockholm, Sweden

contemporary bar design idea

This comfortable cafe decorating idea designed by Note Design Studio tries to give comfortable atmosphere for the guest when they were come and enjoy their leisure time here. Check out the detail ornament of this café and feel how simple decoration can be accomplish the main function of this café itself. Start from the contemporary bar design idea, we will see the comfortable stool furniture that made from soft fabric and natural wooden material. These combination complete other space from this restaurant also. Furthermore, this café was design by use comfortable wooden furniture decor that can be seen from the bar table and dining table decoration. Flooring system of this café was from wooden decoration also. In the afternoon we will see this decoration called by decorative cafe decor idea that look contemporary and friendly design, while in the evening we will see as romantic cafe interior design since the romantic lighting fixtures from this café embraces pink decorative atmosphere. Located in Sweden, these pink cafe interior pictures will give you real layout from this café decoration and interior.

comfortable wooden furniture decor

comfortable cafe decorating idea

decorative cafe decor idea

pink cafe interior pictures

romantic cafe interior design

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