Pink Decorative Restaurant Interior Design in ROBERT Restaurant, New York

modern pink restaurant pictures

Located in the center of fashion New York, this comfortable dining room robert restaurant tries to give both comfortable and calm atmosphere for the guest when they were come here. Using simple decoration, this idea was completed with the romantic dining space decor idea that place inside of this restaurant. This ROBERT restaurant was deign form threes smart architect, they were Philip Michael Wolfson for furniture decoration, Schefer Design for project architect, and Johana Grawunder for the lighting fixtures. They work to give this pink decorative interior design look different and inviting the guest to come and enjoy the dish from this restaurant. Since this restaurant was decorated in fashionable idea, we can enjoy interior decorating from this modern restaurant also. Other eye catching decoration was the fashionable transparent dining chair that place close with the transparent glass wall that shows New York City layout. As your complement imaginary, these modern pink restaurant pictures will accompany your imaginations.

comfortable dining room robert restaurant

fashionable transparent dining chair

pink decorative interior design

romantic dining space decor idea

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