Petting Farm by 70F Architecture


70F Architecture projected the petting farm for the city of Almere, Netherlands, on the exact location where the old farm used to be, before burning down in the early 80’s.

Built on the remaining foundation, the wooden box has an open facade system for the upper half of the building, allowing the wind to ventilate the whole farm continuously. Half of the building is the stable, while the other half consists of toilets, storage and on the second floor an office and storage.

There are no doors in the building, but there are six shutters, two for the public on the short ends of the building and four for the animals, two on either long side of the building. These shutters will open manually or automatically in the morning, reacting on the upcoming sun, as they will close again at the end of the day, when the sun goes down.

At night the building becomes a light beacon in the park.

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