Pendant Chandelier-Unique Glass Pendant Lamp Design by Bocci

attractive lighting fixtures idea

This beautiful glass pendant shade can found in new lighting decoration from Bocci. The concept was tried to combine transparent material but have strong side to hold up the lighting power of lamp. Here, the designer was decorating the lamp with bubble decoration so trough this lamp we will get a bubble shadow. Other decoration idea was come from the inside lamp that can be change into soft pink color or a bright white color application. This idea will be more attractive since the designer was gathering not only one attractive lighting fixtures idea but also in a group of amount glass pendant. Here if we were put one series, we will get a group of pendant lamp decoration. This transparent glass pendant décor was specially design for ceiling lamp, so it was better for us if we place this stuff a long way close to the roof space so the decorative and attractive appearance of this stuff will be glow and look great. It will be like a start that glow in the night if we place this lighting fixtures on the top of the ceiling space. Now we can try to give soft and romantic lighting scheme trough this unique pendant lighting glass.

beautiful glass pendant shade

transparent glass pendant decor

unique pendant lighting glass

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