Papstar Polska Office & Social Rooms


Kreacja Przestrzeni designed an original and individual work space that would break away from conventional offices we see every day.

Here is the project description:

Our space was to be worker-friendly, guest-attentive and cooperation-enhancing. Therefore, we said “no” to posh design and created offices “with a pinch of salt” – the attitude which gave birth to light graphic motifs in the halls, innovative and beautiful wallpapers, in vogue, Scandinavian furniture, a rocking armchair (an armchair with skids) in the president’s office, and charming lamps Vertigo Birds such as Boy’s Lamp designed by Nika Zupanc.

We were strongly encouraged by the investor to shape a nice and natural work environment giving up hierarchy marking: the president’s office were to be of an equal rank to employees’ offices.

The very building has been occupied after another company, which affected the limited number of electrical changes that were made. Bearing in mind cost reduction policy we kept doors and ceilings after the previous holders.

Additionally, the investor wanted us to make use of ready-made, serialized furniture and he determined the number of workplaces to be provided in each office. However, he did not insist on any given design of the interior.

Since he aimed at creating a Polish branch of an already existing company, we were given the logo of the company and the type of business activity run. With all that information, we were expected to provide an amusing design plan of the interior.

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