Panoramic Japanese Three Storey’s House Building with Simple and Green Projects


The green and clean rooftop garden of this Japanese three storey’s building was become one of the most attractive and gorgeous space of this Japanese house inspiration since that rooftop space was indicate a gorgeous and functional landscaping of this house to support the eco green issue and try to fight the global warming. That was one of the best inspiring recommendations for us to try and apply. These three storey’s home building projects were becomes the main project construction of this living space and now we can see almost the whole side and space room of this house. It was a great architectural building since the designer design this house simply without leaves the concept of functionality and humble. The simple Japanese home concept of this house inspiration was show out from the building constructions and the furnishing of this living space. Through see the whole side of this Japanese three storey’s house, after the end of the space our eye will see the panoramic rooftop terrace space.[via]

simple japanese home concept

japanese three storeys house

green and clean rooftop garden

panoramic rooftop terrace space

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