De-clutter Your Home with Trendy Coat Racks and Stands1

De-clutter Your Home with Trendy Coat Racks and Stands

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Tired of everyone throwing their clothes all over the house?  Tired of seeing your lovely home cluttered with clothing?  Don’t take it out on those living at home!  They are just doing so because of the lack of conveniently placed coat racks and clothes stands. Yes, you might have a small house and floor space […]


Mint House

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Interior Design.

Epitaph transformed an 35 year old house located in Iwate, Japan, into a loft style house with one big family room. Here is the project description: This project is a reform of the house of 35 years old. This house is an one-storied house. The structure is a light gauge steel. The owner hoped to us […]

Invite the Earthy Ambience of Brick Walls into your Home1

Invite the Earthy Ambience of Brick Walls into your Home

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Interior Design.

Brick walls are a fabulous feature in interior design. The textural inconsistencies, the natural earthy tones and the opulent feel of brick walls make it the perfect complement to modern homes. Contemporary interior design relies heavily on unique and aesthetic elements such as brick walls and if you’d like to transform your home into an […]


Legal Office

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Interior Design.

Creneau International designed a notorious signature office located in Belgium. Here is the project description: At Creneau’s, we firmly believe it’s our right to advocate ideas of the anti-ordinary. Blatantly ignoring the laws of Office Interiors, we came up with our own contemporary interpretation of how a legal firm should look like. In the waiting room, two artworks featuring the lasered […]


Information Point in the Tivoli Park

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Landscape Design.

Pok Grdisa designed this original urban sculpture in the Tivoli Park as a temporary installation. Luckily they decided to maintain the sculpture to inform visitors of different art installation and museum exhibitions that take part in the park. Here is the project description: The new information point in the Tivoli Park in Ljubljana Slovenia is […]


Lift House

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Japanese architecture firm Apollo Architects designed an one of a kind house in the ward of Aoba in Sendai, Japan Project description: The owner is a husband as an energy related company agent and his homemaker wife. The plot they purchased is located relatively near the Sendai downtown and this project is based on the concept of […]


Discover Impeccable Luxury with Modern Home Theater Ideas

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Modern and Luxury.

Discover luxury and comfort like never before with a modern home theater setup in your home. Transform your basement or an unused room of your home into your personal home theater and escape to it when you need some entertainment and relaxation. Lounge on your comfortable recliner, pop up some corn and let the television […]


FICC Inc. Office

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Interior Design.

Upsetters Architectes refurbished the office for FICC Inc., a website promotion agency in Shibuya, Tokyo. Here is the project description: The extensive office has many windows in the unusual shape and rhythmical columns. We made two boxes (rooms) in the spacious space as its entrance hall and meeting room. The rest is used as the working […]

Freshen up your Home and Garden with Modern Planters1

Freshen up your Home and Garden with Modern Planters

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home décor.

Open the doors of your home to the serene ambience and vibrant colors of plants and flowers. Using creative planters to add a dash of delight to your home will keep you in close contact with nature and keep that spark of freshness alive in your home always. Green is known to be a calming […]