Nordic Light Hotel by Jan Soder & Lars Pihl

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Architecture, Interior Design.

The Nordic Light Hotel, designed by Lars Pihl and Jan Söber, promises an exceptional visual experience. The minimalist design, combined with advanced lighting installations, highlight and enhance the moods of the interiors. The hotel also offers other facilities like a light bar & lounge, an american wine cellar, a work out & nordic relax, and exclusive meeting rooms. Originally Posted On Coolboom


Superellipse Dressed With Bisazza Mosaics

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The Superellipse table designed by Piet Hein and Bruno Mathsson for Fritz Hansen, are now dressed with exclusive Bisazza mosaics.  


New Stadium for FC Valencia

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The new stadium for Valencia FC conceived by Reid Fenwick Asociados. The large perforated aluminium segments of the facade give a weightless feel to the complex as the different shells appear to float within each other. Originally Posted On Coolboom


Slide in the Tate Museum

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Events, Others.

Another great installation that invites visitors to interact. Carsten Höller created an impressive sculpture that allows you to slide down to the lobby of the Tate Museum. Originally Posted On Coolboom