unique modern chair design

Unique Eco Friendly Chair Design from Patrick Norguet

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This natural contemporary seating furniture was design for those who love in classic design. The entire design of this furniture shows both unique and decorative side of this furniture idea. Available in different color scheme we can place this furniture based on our pleasure and needs. The free space from this furniture can be use as magazine storage also.

modern rattan table lamp designs

Modern Casa Table Lamps Shades from CB2

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Decorative Lighting.

Combine in two different colors, both brown colors from rattan material and white from the paper will give different ambience for our house space. These unique desk lamps were describing your warm and friendly person since all of the appearance of this furniture shows both simple and natural decoration. Special for those who love in natural living that combine in modern style designs, these artistic table lamps shades will beautify not only your living solace but also your bedroom space.

decorative sky planter furniture ideas

Modern Sky Planter Designs by Patrick Morris

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Garden Decor & Furniture, Modern and Luxury.

This decorative sky planter will bring both fresh and green environment for your room. We can place this furniture for our work space, kitchen area, and terrace. The most special thing from this furniture was the hang on side. We can hang this planter on our ceiling so that this furniture was called as sky planter furniture.

modern outdoor garden furniture ideas

Modern Outdoor Garden Party Furniture Designs from Qui-Est-Paul

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This decorative outdoor furniture was design in combination of both modern and fashionable decoration. Whole combination from the color system until the design was very attractive and looks great to complete the outdoor space from our home. The table design of this furniture was completed with the glass material while for the stool was design in unique design.

decorative zara face decoration

Modern Front Wall Design of Zara Fashion Store in London

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This modern fashion store was designed by apply both modern and fashionable decoration. Whole arrangements of this fashion store will invite us to come and enjoy both sale stuff and the decoration included with interior design of this fashion shop. The old fashionable interior was obviously can be seen from the front line until the inside space of this shop.

abstract leather tile construction

Gold Leather Wall Panels Decorating Ideas for Luxury Bathroom Décor

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Interior Design, Modern and Luxury.

Using leather material as the main material, this decoration was decorated with various size combinations; those decorations will bring new appearance from your bathroom since the entire space of your bathroom was cover with those material. Using gold and cream color combination, trough applies this accessories you will get both luxury and elegant atmosphere.

green unique kitchen table

Eco-Kitchen-Green Futuristic Kitchen Design and Appliance Ideas by Fatalzi

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Kitchen Design.

This green natural eco friendly kitchen design was support you natural living concept. This furniture can reduce the rubbish and recycle the rubbish. The stainless steel material combine with the green color system will make this furniture look different and awesome. The whole layout of this furniture will support our green living theme.

modern concrete house designs idea

Unique Concrete House Designs in Brazil

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Home Design.

Located in Brazil, this modern concrete house was made from strong concrete material. The complete space such as living room, master bed room, kitchen area and dining room was completely beautifying the concept of this house. Obviously, we can see that the designer Marcio Kogan gives different inspirations from this house design.

modern desk furniture idea

Modern Le Orchidee Desk by British Furniture Designer Marc Fish

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This wooden desk design was inspired from the functional sense. Using wooden and stainless steel as the main material, we can both get style and functional sense of this furniture. One special thing was this furniture can be folded and being a space saving furniture for our small space.

modern sandwich house design

Contemporary Sandwich House Design with Open Air Bathroom Decorating in Tokyo, Japan

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Home Design.

This contemporary house design was designed with wooden decorations plan. This small house design was design with integrated idea that tries to mix and match one and other space in one theme. The most special space from this house design is the open air bathroom space that located on the top floor of this house.