modern front office hotel ideas

Luxury Ames Hotel Development by Rockwell Group

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Hotel and Restaurant.

Rockwell was tried to complete this hotel with several luxury decoration that make the guest more comfortable and like to stay longer here. Using white color system, the whole decoration from every space of this hotel was apply in both elegant and luxury decoration and interior ideas. The lighting fixtures from this hotel also support the theme of this hotel.

cozy white apartment hall way

Minimalist Apartment Interior Design in Darling Point, Sydney

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Apartment, Architecture.

This white apartment interior decoration is located in Darling Point, Sydney. The entire space of this apartment was design by use white color system. Start from the front space until the end space of this house was cover with the decorative white color. Other bright decoration was the glass material that completes the wall decoration of this apartment.

decorative small garden ideas

Decorative Outdoor Garden Design from Spanish House Design Inspiration

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Garden Decor & Furniture.

The green space from our house can be as a space to gather with our family member or as a place to welcome our guest. Using decorative green plan, this space can be decorate with the natural floor stone and clay pot furniture. We were also allowed to apply this green outdoor garden space with flower decorations.

comfortable outdoor swimming pool designs

Modern Traditional Outdoor Retreat House Designs by Dick Clark Architecture

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Home Design.

This traditional house was completed with several outdoor spaces that use as the living space. We can see from the outdoor dining room and outdoor swimming pool that use as the place to relax and rejuvenating. Obviously we can see that this house was constructing from natural material structure.

electronic bathtub decor design

Futuristic Electronic Bathtub for Modern Bathroom Design

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The modern style of this furniture was designed for those who love in fashionable a stylish furniture idea. The entire decoration from this furniture was made of from stainless steel material. Using glossy metallic color application, this furniture was design for those who love in modern style and fashionable design. The round shape of this standing bathtub will be the additional point for this furniture.

modern Papillion chaise lounge ideas

Unique Papillon Chaise Lounge Designs from Simone Völcker

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This modern seating system was calling Papillon that inspired from French language. The design of this lounge chair was very awesome and extraordinary since the accessories that stuck on this furniture were made from soft fabric and fashionable design. Use purple and yellow color combination, this furniture was suitable for both indoor and outdoor house space.

decorative living room ideas

Natural Eco Friendly Wooden House Design by Pb Elemental Architecture

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This modern natural house design was presented for those who love to stay close with the natural material. Use several natural and eco friendly material, this house also complete with the open plan idea. The entire space of this house was designed from the natural material from the earth. Special for the concept of decoration, the architect was combine both modern and minimalist ideas.

contemporary wardrobe open plan ideas

Best Modern Wardrobe Designs by MisuraEmme

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Furniture, Modern and Luxury.

These modern wardrobe designs were presented for those who love in neat arrangement and modern furniture. The appearance of this furniture was present both modern and stylish personality of the owner. This furniture was complete with several spaces to arrange our fashion stuff and a hang space to hangs our special dress.

modern wall wine shelf ideas

Modern Wall Wine Rack Plans Ideas-Vynebar series by Gary Vaynerchuck

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The whole appearance of this furniture was design for those who love in simple decoration and love in stylish designs.Furthermore, this kitchen wine rack plans made of stainless steel also so that we can match this furniture with our modern kitchen space decoration ideas. If you were an attractive person you can attract your kitchen space trough this furniture decoration but beforehand, please check out these wall wine rack furniture layouts.

contemporary urban house design

Modern Urban House Designs by Ross Street House Architect

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Interior Design.

This modern urban house design was try to give something different from a house design. Using both concrete and wooden architectural material, this house design was completed with the simple decoration and minimalist furniture ideas. Completed with a small decorative garden area, this urban house was designed for those single families.