modern japanese restaurant design

Concrete Japanese Restaurant Design-HOTO FUDO Restaurant in Japan

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This Japanese restaurant was design from concrete material. Here, the concrete material was combining with the natural furniture that made from wooden. Other special look was the out space landscape that can be seen from the glass door. Trough this restaurant we also can see the great Mount Fuji also.

luxury australian house design

Modern Australian House Design with Outdoor Living Room Idea in Eagle Bay, Western Australia

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Modern and Luxury.

This luxury house design was décor with several combination house decorating ideas. We can get a simple decoration and contemporary plans decoration from this house design. Several interior from this house design was inspired from open plan and outdoor living idea.

cozy dining chair designs

Modern Cozy Transparent Dining Chair Design from Pedrali Manufacture

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This modern decoration was design in both combination f glass material and fashionable color decoration. The entire style of this furniture will give different touch since this furniture can be as reflector of your lighting. Available in various color combination, hopefully this furniture will help you to find your best arrangements.

modern coffee table design

Modern Glass Coffee Table by Jason Horvath

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This modern glass table will completes your decorative space trough their modern design. This furniture was completed with metal construction that décor on the bottom side of this furniture. The glass material will shows your both modern and fashionable personality.

decorative seating collection design

Contemporary Seating Collection Design-New Fergana Serie from Moroso

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Living Room Furniture.

This seating furniture designed by Patricia Urquiola was designed in humanism touch. We can see from the whole design of the handmade fabric that covers the seating system of this furniture. The combination of that decoration and the traditional design will bring comfortable sense when we were sit in. using grey color system, this outstanding furniture will complete our both indoor and outdoor space.

unique bedside table designs

Modern Bedside Cabinets and Bedside Table Designs from Porro Furniture

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Made from fiber material, this decoration was available on two basic color systems. As additional stuff to beautify this side, we can place our rattan table lamps on the top side of these modern bedside cabinets and table. Both black and white color of this furniture will give your bedroom space look modern and stylish. So if you are the person who love in minimalist and modern style décor, this unique bedside table designs was suitable for you.

PIQUE house architecture ideas

Modern Garren Residence in Oregon

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Architecture, Modern and Luxury.

The urban living concept combine with the modern design resulted this modern contemporary house deign that located in Oregon. The whole layout of this house was obviously combines both simple and natural living idea. Complete with leather sofa and modern staircase, this house will give both comfortable and charm experience for you.

classic Italian kitchen decor

Best Country Kitchen Designs Pictures-County Style

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Kitchen Design.

Marchi group was design these several kitchen design for those who love in old living and get classic touch when they were cooking. Use the simple wooden furniture, the whole design of these decorations will bring unusual experience for the owner. This decoration was start design from the simple one until the contemporary design.

luxury apartment interior design

Luxury Apartment Interior Design in Heraklion, Greece

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Apartment, Architecture.

This luxury apartment interior was designed for those who love to stay in luxury style. The decoration that completes this apartment was combining both luxury and modern style. Using natural material, this apartment was designed in futuristic also.

green living room and garden decor

Natural Hidden House Design in Los Angeles, California

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This hidden house was design in trying to combine several house decorations. We can not only green concept but also outdoor theme trough the whole appearance of this house design. Built in natural material such as wooden, this outstanding house design will be look so great with the open plan theme. Except the open plan decoration, this house design also apply with open air decoration.