Archipelago Summerhouse by Tham & Videgärd Hansson Arkitekter

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A light-weight building in wood and glass, a summerhouse in the Stockholm archipelago, designed by Tham & Videgärd Hansson Arkitekter. A continuous dissolution of space in tree steps. The house is organized in layers, the big rooms expand in open relationship to the wooden deck. As a result of the large glass panes and the prevailing conditions of light, reflections […]


Graphic Concrete

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Graphic Concrete offers a new way to produce a patterned concrete surface. The patented technology involves applying a surface retarder to the surface of a special membrane. This method allows concrete product manufacturers to produce different types of high-quality patterned concrete elements and slabs. Graphic Concrete allows you to use concrete in a new stylish way. Originally […]



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Interior Design, Others, products.

I just discovered TODA (The Office of Design and Architecture) thanks to NotCot. TODA is a multi-disciplinary design office in New York City whose work includes industrial design, architecture and visual communication. Let’s check out some of TODA‘s work. For Frighetto‘s debut at the 2007 Salon de Mobile in Milan, TODA and architect/designer Mark Naden designed furniture pieces called Poof Pot and Bean Collection. Originally Posted On […]


Tokyo Curry Lab by Wonderwall

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Interior Design.

Wonderwall designed a restaurant based on a concept of creating an innovative lab for experimenting and inventing curry recipes, the Tokyo Curry Lab. The restaurant is located in the monumental Tokyo Tower, where a lab area with colorful spice tubes on display is accompanied by a dining counter behind it. A great restaurant for curry lovers. Originally Posted On […]


Light Bulb Packaging by Olivia Cheung

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Light Bulb Packaging is a lamp designed by Olivia Cheung that attempts to avoid waste by converting packaging into product. Originally Posted On Coolboom


Two and a Half Lemon by Chris Briffa Architects

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Interior Design.

Two and a half lemon is located in Birgu, Malta, inside a 16th century masonry vault. Chris Briffa Architects transformed the space into a hip restaurant selling Maltese delicacies with a contemporary emphasis. The functional elements of the bar (the seating, the restrooms and the low walls) were turned into frames containing typical Maltese aesthetic elements. Originally Posted On Coolboom