contemporary house office decorating idea

Contemporary Built-In Home Office Design for Small House Design by Paul Raff Studio

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Home Decorating Ideas.

Special for those who love to work at home and feeling comfortable with hoe atmosphere, this decorative house office design was complete that dream and try to realize that dream. Using wooden furniture and combine with diligent decoration this space was completed with the decorative furniture and simple ideas.

stylish ALV showroom plans

Modern ALV Showroom Design in Milan, Italy

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Interior Design.

This Italian showroom design was thought modern and stylish side of the architect. We can see from the entire layout of this showroom. The purple color combination and white color system was embrace the whole space of this building. The feminine personality obviously provide in this side.

stylish condo interior design

Modern Condo Interior Design Ideas for Small Budget

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Interior Design.

Small budget was not avoiding us to get a beautiful condo arrangement. By using several mix and match approach, we can get perfect decoration from the small budget. Furthermore, we can use the integrated room also if we want to minimize our budget. So, small budget is not a big problem.

contemporary furniture designs

Creative Wooden IKEA Furniture Designs by Kenyon Yeh

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This wooden furniture was design in unique shape and uses no color paint to cover. These natural decorations will try to complete your contemporary room. Actually, this furniture was not only design for shelf but also for other wooden furniture such as lamp table, and accessories place.