contemporary bedding set decor

Modern Contemporary Private Bed Designs by Manuel Kloker

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This outdoor garden furniture was design to complete your contemporary concept of your house design. The entire design of this furniture will give special space for you to get relax and enjoy your day in both indoor and outdoor space. Complete with portable cushions, this furniture was available in brown, white and black color.

unique wall furniture design

Natural Wooden Bookshelf Furniture Design by LDK Design

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Home Accessories.

This natural bookshelf idea was design in material that comes from nature. Whole design of this furniture was completed with those materials that show our space concept. This wooden bookshelf idea can be pace not only for our usual library or house office space but also can be place for our bed room or bathroom space.

outdoor transparent house layouts

Astonishing Transparent Residence in Big Sur, California

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Home Design.

This modern transparent house deign was though not only from the stylish side but also from the efficiency of the electricity energy. Trough this house design hopefully we can help the earth to save the energy and use solar energy as much as we want. Event built from glass, this house was complete with the conventional house room such as living room, kitchen space, bed room and bathroom.

romantic outdoor swimming pool decor

Luxury Vine Hotel Interior Design with Private Spa Room Idea in Portugal

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Hotel and Restaurant, Modern and Luxury.

This luxury hotel is located in Portugal. The entire space from this hotel was decorated in romantic theme. Start from the color application until the interior design was presented for those who always want to spend their romantic experience in right place. Start from the outdoor pool idea, we will see the romantic atmosphere here.

luxury living room interior design

Contemporary Lake Retreat House Interior Design by Dick Clark Architecture

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Home Decorating Ideas.

This luxury interior design was presented for those who love to stay in an aristocratic living concept. Whole decoration of this house was design by use modern and minimalist design. So, from both of them combination this house interior was luxury without leave the main point of the house design itself.

2010 IKEA catalogue

2010 IKEA Catalog for Home Decorating Design Ideas

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Home Decorating Ideas.

This 2010 IKEA catalogue will ease you to provide both best and appropriate decoration for your house design. Whole information from this catalogue will give a lot of inspiration for you to place and arrange your house stuff. We can start from living room decoration until for our beloved bed room decoration. This catalogue will show new design and attractive color application.

ultra modern kitchen design idea

Ultra Modern Kitchen Design with LED Lighting Fixtures

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Kitchen Design.

This modern kitchen design was designed for those who love in modern decorating idea. This side was completed with LED lighting fixtures also. Furthermore, this space also uses stainless steel as the main furniture material. Those decorations will look more awesome with the stool furniture that designed in transparent idea.

ceramic vegetable storage idea

The Cocoon-Modern Unique Vegetable Storage Design from Måns Solomonsen

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Home Accessories.

Using both ceramic material that combine with root rope, this decorative fruit storage tries to give different appearance for your kitchen space and other space decoration for your house design. Apply in white color system; this decorative design gives different look and atmosphere for your lovely indoor and outdoor space from your house.

contemporary white apartment plans

Modern Minimalist White Apartment Interior Design in Reykjavik, Iceland

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Interior Design.

This white apartment decoration was design in small space so that the designer was try to maximize the function space with combine and integrated one space and other. We can see from the livening room that combine with the kitchen space, ding space, and bed room. Whole space from this side was decorated with white color application.

contemporary wooden interior decor

Unique Restaurant Interior Design with Wooden Canopy Idea

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Hotel and Restaurant.

Using special space called wooden canopy idea inside of the restaurant space; this restaurant was decorated from wooden material and simple decoration idea. The glass door from the main gate was bring comfortable feeling before we come on in. special for bathroom space, the restaurant was decorate in gold decoration.