Fahrenheit 212 by David Howell Design

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Interior Design.

The company Fahrenheit 212 decided to hire David Howell to design the new office in New York. Fahrenheit 212 is a different kind of product development firm, reason why David Howell created a fresh and innovative space. The lobby has translucent and transparent panels that divide the work and waiting areas. The main work area is a bustling zone of creativity with private and […]


Acoustic Design by Offecct

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The Swedish company Offecct is now focusing on acoustic design. In contemporary architecture, spaces are often created in hard materials like glass, concrete and wood, which can lead to high sound volumes and problems with acoustics. That is why Offecct is focusing heavily on acoustic design panels. To follow up on the success of the SoundWave panel collection, Offecct gave some international designers the task of designing their […]


Grand Street Residence by Andrew Berman Architect

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Architecture, Landscape Design.

Andrew Berman Architect created this incredible residence in New York City. Imagine what it must be to live like this. You are in the city but you have your own garden like you were in the country. Priceless. Originally Posted On Coolboom


Paper Bridge by Shigeru Ban

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Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, known for his eco-friendly lightweight materials, lifted the veil on a paper bridge over the Gardon River in southern France. Shigeru‘s cardboard-tube structure is strong enough to carry 20 people at the time and will be open to the public for three more weeks, before it is dismantled for the rainy season. Weighing […]


Cityscape by Arne Quinze

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Architecture, Events.

The Belgian designer Arne Quinze is going to build another of his giant wooden sculptures in the centre of Brussels, Belgium. The wooden artwork called Cityscape will be 40 meters long and 18 meters high. This piece of art, sponsored by MINI, will open 14 september and will stay in situ for a year. Originally Posted On Coolboom


Hang on easy by Droog Design

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Droog Design knows how to transform the ugly bare bulb hanging from the ceiling into a translucent soft light. Hang on easy and that’s all! Originally Posted On Coolboom


Morton Loft by Lot-ek

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Interior Design.

In the Morton Loft, designed by Lot-ek, a petroleum trailer tank is devised to encapsulate private areas within the apartment. The tank is cut in two sections that enclose intimate functions, leaving the surrounding space undivided and unobstructed. One of the two sections is places horizontally over the living room and contains two sleeping pods. The second section […]


Jade Jagger for Yoo

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Interior Design.

Jade Jagger for Yoo is a new concept in residential property. For Jade Jagger, London-based jewelry designer, this is her first condo project in New York. The condos are based on the idea of pods that opens up like jewel boxes to reveal life’s essentials, like the bathroom and kitchen. When closed, they look like modernist sculptures. Originally Posted On Coolboom


Leonardo Glass Cube by 3deluxe

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Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design.

3deluxe created this distinctive corporate architecture for the brand Leonardo. The integrative design concept combinesarchitecture, interior design and landscape design into a complex aesthetic entity. The glass facade allows the Leonardo Glass Cube to interplay with the surrounding landscape. Inside, a view of a generous open space with an undulating white wall opens up to visitors. Between the curved wall and the glass facade […]