Le Corbusier in Tokyo

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At the Mori Art Museum of Tokyo you can visit a show of reconstructed works by Le Corbusier. The show starts with a full-size, walk-in model of the Paris atelier where Le Corbusier devoted his mornings to painting and sculpture. He only did architecture in the afternoons. The two biggest attractions are a full-size reproduction of a two-story apartment from his Unité […]


Berman House by Harry Seidler and Associates

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The Berman House was designed by Harry Seidler and Associates in 1996 and completed in 1999. Built in virgin contryside, the house is placed against a rock cliff with a suspended living area and projecting balcony overlooking the natural setting. A dam wall between two rock cliffs creates a deep natural swimming pool. Originally Posted On Coolboom


Staircase by Ross Lovegrove

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Architecture, Interior Design.

This beautiful staircase is the DNA staircase designed by Ross Lovegrove in 2003 and manufactured by Chistophe Moinat Design. The staircase is made out of bladder-moulded glass fiber and carbon fiber. Originally Posted On Coolboom


Kolonihagen Summerhouse by Tommie Wilhelmsen

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The Kolonihagen summerhouse, proyected by architect Tommie Wilhelmsen, allows the owner to have everything he needs in a small space. The house also provides a cool shady place of relaxation and retreats from summer heat. Originally Posted On Coolboom


Jackson Apartment by Stanic Harding

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Interior Design.

Stanic Harding‘s approach was to open the apartment by fusing circulation spaces with habitable space. They decided to incorporate the existing balcony and corridor space into the apartment, allowing the balcony to operate as a dining space but with the benefits of an outdoor space. The kitchen plays a central role as space maker and element of […]