eco friendly timber house plans

Natural Timber House Designs by Sturgess Architecture

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Architecture, Home Design.

Completed with the open plan terrace, this house was completely look s open plan construction also. Those complete decorating idea will be more attractive since the designer was diligently thought all the design. The wooden ceiling decorating ideas from this house was complete whole outdoor and indoor space of this house so if we want to going inside of this house, we will get same look and appearance of nature. Those compatible materials will complete whole design of this timber house.

bright glass wall decor

Modern Open Plan Interior Decoration Ideas by Sturgess Architecture

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Home Decorating Ideas, Interior Design.

We can add one free space from our house and can arrange contemporary open plan idea for our kid room. As we can see that the natural wooden decorating ideas will look more awesome since the brown color application was bring new decoration and will lights if this decoration gets the light. We can use this material for floor and pole decoration that will help to hold the line. Actually, we also can make our house being two storey’s building by apply this decorating idea.

modern home theater designs

Hide Expanding TV Screen for Modern Home Theater Design by Acerbis

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Home Accessories.

This futuristic house accessory was designed for those who have small space and want to maximize their space being functional and decorative. The whole decoration from this accessories was complete our home theatre space since this accessories was design was design as wall unit and hide as drawer cabinet system. The color application from this decoration was imply minimalist design. The main function of this accessory was as enlarger for our TV screen.

modern concrete house construction

Modern Concrete House in Vardas Residence Paphos, Cyrus

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This open pan decoration would be complete from the using of the real open space for the living room space. Those sides also show that this house was inspired from the comfortable concrete interior décor that obviously can be seen from the combination of modern furniture with ancient design of the house. Using comfortable sofa set furniture; this space was look eye catching and match with the concept f the house. The block design from this two storey building was totally presented for those single families who love to stay in simple house design and get closer with the nature.

futuristic wall divider design

Modern Futuristic Condominium Interior Design in Streeterville, Chicago

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Apartment, Interior Design.

The lighting from this space was applied with ceiling lamps so that the entire space was embrace with the good lighting fixtures. The glossy bathroom interior décor from this condo was apply with the contemporary tile decoration and cover with glass door so that the light of this space was bright and comfortable. Next space was the space saving wardrobe designs that design to be stuck on the wall so that the space will be maximize and look decorative and neat.

colorful kitchen wall tile idea

Modern Wall Tile Decoration by Fap

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Home Decorating Ideas, Interior Design.

This decoration was applying soft color application so our kitchen space will be calm and comfortable. Furthermore, this wall was design for both square and long square design so that we can try to combine both of them design to get new look for our home space. Special for bathroom space, the designer Fap already supply this glass bathroom wall tile décor for us. While for kitchen space, the designer was give new idea by apply the colorful concept for kitchen space.

elegant sofa set furniture decor

Aristocratic Armchairs and Luxury Sofa Designs by Vimercati Media

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Furniture, Modern and Luxury.

Special for those who love to apply simple and luxury furniture, the classic sofa designs idea from this furniture will help you to realize your dream. The whole line from this furniture will make our living room more outstanding and welcome. This decoration will look thematic if we can combine with the same theme and same decoration such as for rug and curtain décor. The gold sofa color scheme that decorates the red sofa will give unusual passion for our living room.

comfortable restaurant dining room decor

Modern Red Color Scheme Ideas in Sovok Restaurant

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Hotel and Restaurant.

The red color system from this restaurant was design to give attractive appearance of this restaurant. Special for comfortable restaurant dining room décor, the designer was supply not only for couple seat but also for family and meeting. The bar space of this restaurant also cover with same theme of this restaurant also so the entire space of this restaurant was look thematic. . Here, the table decoration was completed with white cloth that will make the table space of this restaurant look awesome and great.

modern T house construction pictures

Modern T House Design with Cheerful Kids Room Plan in Tel Aviv, Israel

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Home Design.

Come inside to this house we will get a comfortable leather sofa furniture that fill living room space. Go on the second floor, we will see the cheerful kid’s room décor. Other space that located in this house was the bed room that use white interior design ideas for both decoration and furniture idea. To shows natural side from this house, this house was using contemporary wooden decorating also in the first floor.

comfortable sofa set idea

DS-2410 Modern Leather Sofa Furniture by Peter Maly

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Furniture, Living Room Furniture.

Called as DS-2410 series, this luxury leather sofa was design to complete your house space that needs special decoration. This furniture not only completed with that stuff but also with the portable cushions decorating that still use white color application to match the theme of the furniture. So, if you were those who love in comfortable and modern design, this comfortable sofa set idea will help you to realize your dream.