Invite the Mystical Ambience of Glass Walls in your Bedroom1

Invite the Mystical Ambience of Glass Walls in your Bedroom

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Bedroom Design.

Have you been toying with the idea of an open, seaside-styled home?   Do glass walled bedrooms remind you of romantic honeymoons, luxury vacation suites and picturesque island homes?  Wouldn’t mind trading some privacy for a majestic glass wall in your bedroom?  Glass wall bedrooms do not suit everybody’s tastes; but if they do tickle […]


First Photographs of Hong Kong Exhibition

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Interior Design.

Design Systems Ltd. created a theme that intends to deliver a closely-intertwined retrospection of both Hong Kong photography and architecture. Project description: As the opening exhibition of the Hong Kong Photo Festival 2010, the “First Photographs of Hong Kong” Exhibition, held at the Former Central Police Station Compound, presents a hundred of old photos of […]

Choose Perfection, Choose a Walk-in Closet1

Choose Perfection, Choose a Walk-in Closet

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Cabinets, Interior Design.

Do you always find yourself rummaging through your closet every morning looking for something suitable to wear?  Do you always get delighted at the prospect of new and more clothes but get frustrated with the lack of space your closet offers?  Are you looking for a practical solution to your problem?  How would you like […]


Reforma House

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Central de Arquitectura designed this luxurious house located in the western side of Mexico City. Project description: The offer was created across the volumes of rock. Trying to respond to the horizontal that the spaces and the program generated; responding to the proportions of the same. The work retakes the geometries of the context and urban […]

7 Modern Fence Designs for your Modern Home1

7 Modern Fence Designs for your Modern Home

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Garden Decor & Furniture.

Homes without fences seem incomplete, don’t they? Wouldn’t you like to frame your property within a defined boundary with an aesthetic and sturdy fence? A fence serves a number of purposes, the most obvious one being privacy. Enclosing your property with a sturdy fence helps keep trespassers and strangers at bay and also discourages prying […]


Alara Finisterre Restaurant

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Interior Design.

MAS Arquitectura designed Alara, a restaurant placed on Finisterre, Spain, that mixes design and tradition in a unique building. Here is the project description: Finisterre has always been a magical place. Know world ends there. Today this fishing village retains its exotic charm. A square, which crowns a small harbor, welcomes weary travelers. This is where […]

Philippe Starck’s Yoo Pune1

Philippe Starck’s Yoo Pune

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Interior Design.

Philippe Starck‘s latest Yoo residence project is set to be developed in Pune, India. Located in the West, Pune is the eighth largest metropolis in India. There are yoo residences around the world, including Moscow, Miami, Boston, New York, Seoul, Sydney and Phuket. The yoo global design brand is inspired by Starck and is combined […]


RE Residence

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Interior Design.

Design Systems Ltd. designed a traditional Chinese residence located in Tai Tam, Hong Kong. Here is the project description: Re-think, Re-configure, Re-design, Re-cover… To discover and conceptualize RE in a familiar and everyday thing. Besides functions, traditional Chinese residences are likely to embrace philosophical wisdoms and attitude to live. The theme of this design is to […]


Valentine at CasaDecor Barcelona

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Interior Design.

CuldeSac designed the Valentine showroom for the CasaDecor 2010 exhibition in Barcelona. Here is the project description: The paint company’s brand value and CuldeSac’s scenographic experience join forces after 3 years experience in the emotion of the senses. Constantly aiming to elevate paint to its highest level, the Valentine space was conceived as an art gallery […]

Functional and Aesthetic Kitchen Cabinet Designs1

Functional and Aesthetic Kitchen Cabinet Designs

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Interior Design, Kitchen Design.

Kitchen cabinets fulfill a very basic functional need in the home – storage. Considering our kitchens are always packed with groceries, spices, flavors, dairy products, beverages, fruits, vegetables, utensils and kitchen appliances, imagine what a mess the kitchen would like if it weren’t for storage cabinets. Designed to please the refined tastes of the modern […]