Kolonihagen Summerhouse by Tommie Wilhelmsen

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The Kolonihagen summerhouse, proyected by architect Tommie Wilhelmsen, allows the owner to have everything he needs in a small space. The house also provides a cool shady place of relaxation and retreats from summer heat. Originally Posted On Coolboom


Jackson Apartment by Stanic Harding

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Interior Design.

Stanic Harding‘s approach was to open the apartment by fusing circulation spaces with habitable space. They decided to incorporate the existing balcony and corridor space into the apartment, allowing the balcony to operate as a dining space but with the benefits of an outdoor space. The kitchen plays a central role as space maker and element of […]


Moroso in New York

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Interior Design, Others.

On May 18th, Moroso opened his first shop in New York, in the heart of SoHo. This is Moroso‘s firt retail shop in the United States, created to present its products to New Yorkers and the American public in general. The 380 square metre showroom has been designed by Patricia Urquiola and Martino Berghinz, creating a simple, clean […]


Tschierva Hut by Hans-Jörg Ruch Architektur

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The Tschierva hut is located in the Bernina mountain range of the Swiss Alps. The addition made by Hans-Jörg Ruch Architektur is the resutl of an architectural competition. The building is part of a series of huts run by the Swiss Alpine Club for trekking the Bernina massif. Although the addition’s appearance is wooden, its structure is made with steel. The exterior […]


Isle Lounge by Asobi

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Isle Lounge is an iconic piece of furniture, a sofa large enough to seat several people in comport. The design, created by Asobi, exploit the possibilities to simply change the way you lounge and relax. Originally Posted On Coolboom