Ocho Chair Modern Contemporary Leather Chair from Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille

unique leather chair designs

This modern seating furniture idea was designed from Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille, person who loves in unique and functional design. The entire side of this furniture was totally made from the compatible material that would be the most attractive side from this furniture. We can see from the details feet side of this furniture that use the round line; not like usual chair decoration that se four feet to hold up the set side of this furniture. the metal work of this unique leather chair designs was make the entire decoration from this seating furniture look mire awesome and great. The brown color application from the seat side and the back side was look eye catching and match the entire decoration of this product. Event look simple and lightweight, this seating set will be strong enough to hold up the human weight and can be place for both indoor and outdoor space. Special for those who want to have this decoration, they can try to make by themselves trough use the old stuff from our store. Trough mix and match, we will get the main theme of this furniture that will be decorative for our home space. Special for those who love to have both functional and unique seating system, this contemporary furniture décor ideas will help you guys!

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