Norwich Drive Residence by Clive Wilkinson


Clive Wilkinson acquired the site adjacent to colorful Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood and constructed a new house for his own use.

To express the transition from commercial to small scale residential, the construction is a simple cubic stucco, with exposed wood structure, and softened with landscaping.

The house is entered through a dense olive grove, and opens up with a long view through the low glass screenedliving room to the rear courtyard, which is dominated by a 90 square meter swimming pool.

Inside, the large double-height social space of the kitchen-dining room overlooks the pool. The master suite is located in a rear, with its own courtyard, and has a bathroom that enjoys large glass doors to the pool and a shower that connects directly, allowing a convenient way to shower after swimming. The upstairs area is devoted to flexible bedroom, office and studio space.

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