Noa Modern Translucent Glass Lamp Designs from Lucente

colorful lamp shade decor

The modern lighting fixtures idea from Lucente will try to give new look and lighting decoration for our home. The design was inspired from bubble shape and the color application was inspired from fashionable personality. Except shows fashionable personality, this stuff shows stylish look also. Trough one portable lamp we can get two beneficial things. Actually, this stuff was made from glass material that shaped in round bubble designs. This unique table lamps design also can be use as standing lamp or bedside lamp. This lamp series was completes with stick and extended cable that can be use for standing lamps. Furthermore, this lamp also uses decorative color application such as white, green, and yellow color application. Event use various color application, this colorful lamp shade décor was use LED lamp as the main lighting fixtures here. The open up side from this lamp was give great shadow so that we can get focus area from this lamp if we place this lamp as ceiling lamp for our reading space. Designed n various size, we can choose the best one to fill our home space and get great appearance from the lighting shade. Now we can shows off our fashionable and stylish personality trough these transparent glass lamp designs.

modern lighting fixtures idea

transparent glass lamp designs

unique table lamps design

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    What point is it being black if you cannot get sunburnt.

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