Newly Glass Concrete House Design with Romantic Garden Layouts

romantic outdoor garden pictures

These romantic outdoor garden pictures were use as the welcoming application for this house. The decorative look of the garden space was completed with the romantic lighting from the lighting fixtures of the garden space. The green layouts of this space will show our charity for the world and reduce the effect of global warming. Continue with the open plan low living room layouts, we were still can look out the garden space with the garden application. Using glass window, the panoramic landscape will clearly can be shown here. We can both close and open the window application based in our need and our pleasure. Actually, this home was not standing independent as the glass home. This home was the smart combination between concrete material and glass application. We can see the unique glass concrete material combination complete with the metal and iron work. Started with green garden space, these newly glass house design plans were the best perfect look modern home inspirations.[via]

unique glass concrete material combinations

newly glass house design plans

perfect look modern home inspirations

open plan low living room layouts

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