Newly Box Home Designs Inspirations

newly box residence inspirations

These newly box residence inspirations were completely apply the concept of open space. we were be able to see from the front door of this home that the owner was uses the concept of invisible through apply the glass material for the garage space and for the front door. Furthermore, the open air and open space of this home can be seen into the landscape of the kitchen space that was integrated with the fireside space. the designer was diligently bring out the open plans space for this home since the location of this home was suitable for that ideas. Actually, when we want to applying open plan or open space concept the thing that we have to do was thought the place of the home and the probability of the concept when we were apply out. Already mention in previous statement that this home was apply the integration idea of both kitchen and fireside, now we can see these extraordinary inspiring outdoor fireplace designs with the minimalist look and the futuristic furniture appliance. Need another box home design inspiration? We were allowed to see these stunning home interior plans.[via]

stunning home interior plans

inspiring outdoor fireplace designs

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