Natural Wooden Bookshelf Furniture Design by LDK Design

unique wall furniture design

Designed by LDK Design, this unique wall furniture design can be both place on the top space of our flooring space or we can hang on the wall. This unique design was made from ordinary materials that come from nature. Check out the design of this furniture; the designer diligently designs this furniture with cross idea. Since this furniture designed in cross design, the designer embedded the black small stuff as integrator that link from one and other space from this furniture. Actually, we can see the line of this natural wooden furniture design clearly and get the natural embracement from this furniture idea. Since this furniture was design from natural material, this furniture was available in one color only. Design in more than one space, we can use this furniture space as our accessories space and book space. Need something different decorating idea? This contemporary bookshelf decor idea can be place for our bed room and bathroom also.{via}

contemporary bookshelf decor idea

natural wooden furniture design

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