Natural Ergonomic Sea Shell House by Arquitectura Orgánica

super natural shell house

Arquitectura Orgánica presents this colorful shell house exterior as the first step ahead to see the unusual design of a living space which is inspire from the nature of sea atmosphere. The unique and extraordinary design of the shell house of this living space inspiration will introduce to us the new conception of a living space. The exterior space of this place is covered by green landscaping of the garden space and the colorful window system of the home. Going through the inside space of this shell home, we can see the neutral interior for the public space of the house while the private space of this house called bathroom is cover by blue bathroom interior designs.[via]

ergonomic sea shell house building

multicolor style home window

blue bathroom interior designs

That clear calm bathroom interior will give the fresh atmosphere for us when we are taking a bath. Enjoy the water and the atmosphere surrounded by will make our day become beautiful and full of spirit, am I right? As the common continuity of the green exterior, the designer places the green landscape of plants system inside of this house. The super natural shell house now is complete with the integration of both exterior and interior of this home. Go on into the great journey of this ergonomic sea shell house building guys!

colorful shell house exterior

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